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Billy Crystal's hotness

I'm calling this rebuttal on myself as the nerd I have always been.  When I was young, I spent a lot of time with my dear cousins (mentioned several times on this blog).  One game Bug and I played a lot was... well I don't know what to call it.  House?  Grown-ups?  Basically, it was pretend.  We were adults and cool and had jobs and celebrity boyfriends.  When we first began this game, she called Tom Cruise as her celebrity boyfriend.  Mmm mmm H-O-T-T hot!

Cruisin'Well, this was 1991 and I had just seen the movie City Slickers.  So my obvious choice for celebrity boyfriend H-O-T-T hotness was cleary... Billy Crystal?! 

Yeah, not so muchJenny called an audible and refused to let him be my pretend boyfriend.  I believe her exact words were: "He's, like, 40."  Good call, Jenny.  She's always had my back.  I ended up going with the apporoved hottie, Patrick Swayze.

Get me outta this corner, Johnny!Pat and Tom were forever ours.

PS. Jenny, doesn't Billy Crystal look like a certain ex-boyfriend of mine whose birth certificate you were accused of stealing?! The laws of attraction, man, you can't fight 'em.


Christmas tree delay

This is a rebuttal to If you had a beard, I'd pull it

What was the super good reason that we had to wait yet another week to get the Christmas tree??

Yeah... I was mega hungover.  My bestie had a holiday party (aka my first night out for drinks since I got knocked up) and wellll... I rocked it.  Don't get me wrong, I was the life of the party (per usual) but then I was a pile of shit wife and mother.



Oh no I didn't...

This rebuttal is absolutely mortifying and comes on behalf of several of my friends.  Warning, this rebuttal rebutts information posted in Oh sexy girlfriend, a graphic post of the sexy things that happen to you when you're pregnant.  It's gross, so be warned, again.

Apparently, my vagina is the only vagina in the world that leaks.  Awesome.  Not only do I have to deal with this ever-so-lovely side effect, I now have to come to terms with the fact that it's not normal.  I am a freak of nature who shared an incredibly disgusting fact about MY VAGINA on the world wide web.  That's world wide, you know.  Cuz I'm sure that everyone in the world is reading this blog.



Last week, hubby read my blog for the first time.  I warned him that in my first post I may have mentioned something about murdering him.... :/  Surprisingly, he didn't seem to mind that part, but was more miffed that I said I: "try to get my husband to do things for me by constantly reminding him that I'm growing his child.  It rarely works, unfortunately."  His rebuttal: "I do a lot for you!"

So this page is dedicated to him, and all the other boys out there who deal with our homones and demands as best they can.  I will try to represent your rebuttals without including any snarky remarks, corrections, or "sarcastic fonts."