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My name is Katie and I am 31, married, and pregnant with my first baby, due September 29.  I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and yes, it gets really f#*king cold here in winter.  It's amazingly gorgeous in spring, summer, and fall.... so there.  We are not finding out the sex of our baby, I'm old school like that, and we refer to the future kid as "Buddy."

I am all about having a natural childbirth, I actually look forward to it, even though I know it's going to hurt like hell.  We're taking classes to learn how to cope with a natural birth and hiring a doula to remind me of how important it is to me when I'm pushing a human being out of my vagina and screaming FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

I'm obsessed with shoes and have a very large collection, 98% of which are high heels.  The pool at work is not whether I'm having a boy or girl, or due date, or how much Buddy will weigh, but how long through the pregnancy I'll wear my heels.  What they don't understand is that I'm no amateur; heels will be through the end - and beyond.  Foolish mortals.