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10 months of cuteness

Babies are cute.  Duh, that's a given.  Their feet are cute, their smiles are cute, their pudgy thighs are mega cute.  I couldn't wait to have a baby of my own to munch on anytime I wanted (without being a freak) because I knew he would have all of these cute attributes.

Insert into mouth immediately

My favoite cutenesses are those little extra things that I couldn't even imagine.  Personality, I guess?  But they kill me.  Here is a list of all the super adorable little things that Bubs does that totally make my whole world amazing:

1. Lifts his arms when when I unbuckle him from the carseat.


2. He is fascinated by the act of drying my hair. 


3. Pooping can take a lot out of him.

This shit is exhausting!

4. The noises he makes when he eats - especially because if anyone else were to make these noises, I would be completely revolted.

Goin in!

5. How much he *loves* riding in shopping carts.  Seriously, he laughs with delight the entire time.

This. Is. AWESOME!

6. He thinks I'm the funniest person ever (correct). 

Author's note: I swear Bubs owns more than the 2 shirts exhibited here.  Yes, 90% of his clothing is striped, but hey, who doens't like stripes?!

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