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Well, it's official: I've got cellulite.  Damn you, Buddy, DAMN YOU!!!  Here's a fact: I have great legs.  Everyone talks about them (including me, but for real, they're great).  So, of course, what does Buddy go for: the legs.  Damn you!!!  I'm ready for the boobs to be forever... different, even open to an inevitable stretch mark or twenty.  But my legs?!   Nooooooo!!!  COME ON!!  Wahhh :(


Am I right, or am I right?


Ok, the above rant doesn't make me feel better at all, BUT it brings up another, more serious topic I'd like to write about: my great legs.  Well, not my legs specifically, but my love and appreciation for them.  I much prefer having things I love about myself.  And I much prefer to be proud to talk about said things.  You see, there are so many other forces in my life that provide the negative commentary for me, that I don't need them to be a part of the tape that constantly plays in my mind.  You know, that tape that just keeps going, processing the world and our place in it.  It's not always easy to refrain from joining in on the criticism (see aforementioned rant), but it's much healthier. 



I'm sure everyone reading this is shouting "Amen, sistah!", right?  Well, you'd be surprised.  I've been engaged in conversations about my legs many times (seriously, you should see them in person), and a lot of people, women in particular, don't like that I like my legs.  They say I'm arrogant.  Maybe it is arrogance, but what I don't understand is why it's more socially acceptable to say negative things about myself.   I even had one person say to me that: "Normal women point out their flaws to others."  WHAAAT??  Now, don't get me wrong, we all have things about ourselves we don't like and that we complain about - hell I'm from Wisco where anytime someone compliments an item of my outfit I feel obliged to tell them it was on sale...

Originally $95 - I got it for $30!

...but it's "normal" and therefore expected?  I hate this notion.  Believe me, I already have hundreds of people ready to tell me all the things "wrong" with my body or my outfit or style or choice of snack of the now.  If Buddy is a girl, my number one priority is to teach her to love herself, to like herself, and to keep checking that tape playing in her head, making sure it's reinforcing all that makes her beautiful - whether she gets my legs or not.


More proof


It infuriates me that I don't have to worry as much about that tape if Buddy is a boy.



Video by India.Arie = love


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Reader Comments (2)

your legs & this blog are both spectacular! more please.
August 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterelizabeth
NORMAL women?! First off, who the hell wants to be a "normal" woman?

Yes, clearly we should all vocally point out our flaws so people don't think we're full of ourselves and aren't intimidated by their own insecurities when faced with our intelligence, beauty (inner&outer), confidence, and fifty bajillion other incredible qualities. Because we wouldn't want to hurt their feelings by setting an awesome, inspiring example, now would we?

I always try to make people feel better by assuring them they can do "X" far better than me (X =/= ecstasy. Or maybe it does. I bet I'd be bad at it). I've been realizing lately how much I need to not do that anymore.

I LOVE your legs. And I love that you love them! Rock on!
November 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSimone

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