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Fuck you daylight savings

Oh Em Gee do I finally realize, sympathize, recognize, and all sortsa other -ize with all the bitching about daylight savings. 

It's so stuuuupid

Daylight savings math:

Normal life = 8:00pm bedtime + 7:00am wake up time for a total of 11 hours of sleep

Daylight savings life = 9:00pm bedtime + 6:00am wake up time for a total of 9 hours of sleep.


Shouldn't he be sleeping until 8:00am?!  I don't understand.  Help me... help me...

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Reader Comments (1)

To be fair, I didn't start to learn math until almost eight months old. He'll be better about sleepin NEXT daylight savings.
March 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLovely Bunny

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