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Googling poop... how 7% of people found my blog.  SEVEN PERCENT.  As in going to

and then typing "poop"

So when the page opens to Don't read this, I imagine that a shit-filled diaper would either:

a) horrify them

b) fill them with delight

c) all of the above. 

I mean, what are these poop googlers hoping to find?  Poop, obviously.  But... really?  Poop?  Poop.  I try to be inclusive, tolerant, and open minded, but I don't want people googling poop and then associating my beloved blog with it.  That ain't my thing, man.  I mean, google shitty blog and find me, fine, but poop?  That's too... descriptive.

I do realize that by typing the word poop 9 more times in this post alone greatly increases my poop tags on google.  Aaaaand that makes 10.  Shit.

PS.  Did I not just invent the best phrase ever?!  Poop Googlers?!  God, that's a fucking awesome term.  Look out world, mama's got a new insult.

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