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My boobs disappeared

I am done nursing.  Did you hear me?  I AM DONE NURSING.  I went a full year, which I am quite proud of, thank you very much.  For those of you who have nursed, you know that this isn't easy.  Especially considering the fact that I work full time which = pumping at work.  Good morning, boss!  Excuse me while I whip my tits out.

The exact opposite of what it's likeEspecially when your building at work is getting some mysterious brick work done that requires several workers to spend signficant time right outside your window:

Call me a hippie, but it's a lot of work to close the blinds

No, seriously, I took this photo while I was pumping at work.  Dude was right there.  While I was topless with giant suction cups on my titties.  At work.  Wait a minute... maybe there's a correlation between the topless woman who doesn't close her blinds and the extended timeframe of this bricklaying project....

I actually miss the breastfeeding part.  It was an awesome connection time for me and Bubs.  Granted, before I had a kid I was mega weirded out by someone drinking from my boob, but I quickly got over it cuz it was so emotional, beautiful, and natural.  And I am so lucky that I was able to breastfeed.  I know how hard it is and that not everyone has this luxury. 


My boobs are G-O-N-E.  Deflated, tube sock, mini, lightweight champion boobs.  Right now, they're tucked into my pockets. 

That's my braI mean, I knew they would be different.  Everyone talks about it.  But... they're just... so... not even close to what they were.  They're like, new things.  New, non-boob things.  I can only imagine what they would become were I to have another child. 

Look out boys!  Hot mama entering the room! This is what I imagine getting my new boobs into a bra will resemble:

Probably not as deliciousBubs, you were totally worth it but perhaps for my 40th birthday you could get your dear old mom a boob lift?   Whattya say?


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Reader Comments (2)

The empty pocket is an exact replica of my beauties post-breastfeeding! - Annie
February 3, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAnnie
First, I actually roll up my boob and place them
Into my bra. So. Accurate.
February 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJessi Rivera

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