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Death trap vacation

Well, I really am as dumb as I look. 


I'm back at the cottage again, just me and Bubs this time (the 'rents are coming up tomorrow).  I'm on 100% Bubs duty for a mere 24 hours and I can't even handle it.  Here's a list of the ways I almost killed him:

1. He stuck his wet drooly finger in an outlet

2. I rolled his ball and he plunged after it, head first into the table

3. He fell out the front door

At least he was wearing hip socks

4. He ate a dead ant

5. He ate an alive ant

Ants on a log, for real

6. I dropped a fork on his face

What a jerk!

7. I caught him playing with a plastic bag...

8. ...which he quickly traded in for saran wrap

PS. Fuck you Time Warner Cable

9. He was swishing my trashy magazines around and got a terrible paper cut on that webbed skin part between his forefinger and his thumb.


Sorry I almost killed you 9 times, Bubs.  Now, where's that wine?


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