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Crunchy cousins = Good eats!

Bubs is very lucky that he has 2 aunties with babies.  For lots of reasons, but this post in particular is dedicated to food.  As a first time mommy, I thought I was pretty good with nurturing his development.  I gave him rice cereal and pouches at 3 months (he was STARVING).

As he got older, his foods got more advanced: strawberries, avocados, beets... basically, the same food in the pouches but just cooked by me.  Poofs, of course.  Oh, and crackers.  I was proud of that one. 


Then we went to the cottage, and boy oh boy, did I realize how much I was holding back.  LTrain and Lentil were partying on some delicious food.  I'm talking yogurt, cheese, beans, chicken, toast, hummus, and this magical food which I didn't even know existed:

It's like peanut butter without the peanuts!  It's delicious, baby-safe, and healthy.  And Bubs L-O-V-E-S sunbutter on toast.  I wouldn't have fed him this until he was 13 at the rate I was going.  And now he gets all these good eats and more.

See, he's getting smarter already

Bubs is very thankful for his aunties who show his mama how it's done.  That whole "it's takes a village" thing, man.  Super true.

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