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Change is bullshit; Jenny, you are not

One of my most favortiest people in the whole wide world, closest thing to a sister I'll ever have, is my beautiful cousin, Jenny.  Seriously, y'all don't even know how amazing she is.  Wanna know the best part?  She's pregnant, too!  She's due this July and our babies will be mere months apart, in essence, replicating the closeness that we had growing up.  How awesome is life?  Mega awesome.

Of course there is something that sucks: Jenny currently lives in HOTtlanta and I live here and her sister lives here (my other wonderful amazing cousin who just had a baby in January.  HELLO!  Let's hear it for 2012!).   And her mom, my mom, her husband's mom, her husband's sisters, a lot of her friends, other cousins, aunts, uncles, and on and on and on all live here in Wisco.  That sucks, yah?

My real housewife of Hotlanta struggles with change and it sucks that she has to deal with all the changes that come with baby without her most loved peeps by her side.  That's bullshit! 

So after a wonderful, tear-jerking conversation about how difficult change can be - even joyful change - here's to you, Jenny:  A big albeit virtual belly rub from me to you.  Much love.


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