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Why I'm here

I'm pregnant for the first time in my life.

I'm obsessed with this fact.  In a good way, I think.  I'm not a crazy, neo-nazi, know-it-all, obnoxious pregnant lady.  Far from.  I eat what I want, complain about not being able to have wine (a lot), and try to get my husband to do things for me by constantly reminding him that I'm growing his child.  It rarely works, unfortunately.

A few weeks into my pregnancy, when it was still pretty much a secret and I couldn't share my obsession with anyone, I discoverd Pregnant Chicken and Rants from Mommyland.  Holy shit do these bring insane amounts of joy into my life.  I heart them very much.  I especially turn to them when:

* I need to feed my obsession

* I am bored at work

* I am extra excited about being pregnant

* Someone says something about my pregnancy that makes me want to punch them

* I am telling a friend about something I read on said blogs

* I am having a bad day

Reason #6 is why I decided to start a blog of my own.  I just found out that my husband did not get a job that would have allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom.  This sucks ass.  It's always been my dream to stay at home with my kids.  When we first found out I was pregnant, stay-at-home mommyship was not an option financially.  Acceptance.  Then came along this job opportunity.  Hope!  Now it's gone.  Bullshit. 

Good thing my hormones are completely in check, otherwise I'd probably be reacting very irrationally.


My other purpose for writing this blog is that many times throughout this pregnancy I have wanted to:

a) kill

b) maim

c) at least divorce

my husband.  Thus far, he still lives, which is a good thing (I actually really love him a whole lot), and leads to what I've determined to be the best option:

d) vent about him via the internet.

Not only will this increase his life expectancy (and mine) but it will provide me with endless validation from strangers.  Victory!




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